The University President attends the Orphan Day Celebration





   Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president attended the Annual Charity Celebration   "we are all with you"  (honoring the Orphan 2014) ,  which was held by   the University  in order to honor the orphan , as he stressed on  the university's  keenness to  hold  the Celebration  annually  through their visit to the University and providing  all means of care for them in this day, while Prof.  Dr. Sayed Taha , Vice President for Community Service the community service pointed that the  community Service sector at the  university participates every year in celebration, adding that the Celebration was  attended by (13) associations and (130) children , as the Program was included musician concert at Faculty of Specific Education , sports festival and art in the covered hall , moreover the arts center at  the university was organized a ceremony under supervision of Dr. Marwa Al-Alfi , adviser of art activity at the University, where at the end of the ceremony , the university president presented gifts for children in the presence of  Vices of the university President , the faculties' deans ,the academic staff ,their assistants , General Secretary of the University , General Coordinator of student activities in the university and the supervisors of the participating associations in the celebration .