Symposiums on Health Awareness and Beautification Camp at Faculty of Nursing



In the framework of  families's activity  at the university , the family ( Hatamr Pena ) at Faculty of Nursing held a workshops on Health awareness in the faculty and Afforestation camp and beautification for  the Faculty  , beside  issuing the first magazine for Faculty of Nursing , where  family will  participate in  orphan ceremony  that organizes by the university on  April 6, 2014  , and  in various Symposiums, where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President met the family  and praised its  volunteer efforts and activities of the faculty ,  while the family  thanked  the university president and the dean of Faculty of  Nursing to their  moral support to activate the family's activities in the faculty  . On the other hand, "Midan" Family was held a workshop on Health awareness, which aims to educate students at the university and schools about the reasons for spreading viruses and how to prevent them, the workshop was participated by Dr. Hafiz and student / Ahmed Omar Hamada, Faculty of Medicine .