The University President participates in Arab Universities Conference in Jordan






     The events of session No. 47 of Conference on Arab Universities Association was concluded in Middle East University in Jordan in participation with more than (250) presidents of Arab universities in addition to Arab organizations, regional and international
While Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that South Valley University participated in this conference as a main member in the association, and it is a headquarters of the Arab activities council, where was discussed agenda of the conference for association, activities and membership, adding that this annual conference is Academic Arab forum and aims to activate the role of Arab universities in sustainable development on the exchange of cultures and experiences of Arab Universities, as he thanked Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, General Secretary of Arab Universities Association, pointing out that South Valley succeeded greatly in implementing all programs of the association and the activities Council which included Futsal Championship for Arab universities , Arab International Labor Camp and Speedball Festival which was held in the Red Sea, while the presence of the university and its representation in such conferences increases the university position which implemented all activities