Agricultural extension convoy on Palm Mite in 5th day of the Environment Week




    Within the events of the 6th Environment Week at the university was held agricultural extension convoy on the palm mite in 5th day of the Environment Week in the farm of the forest, as Mr. Mohamed Kamel , Director of the environmental projects administration confirmed that the convoy included academic staff at Faculty of Agriculture, where the convoy was treated many infected cases of red palm mite , beside thanking Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President and Prof Dr. Sayed Taha , Vice President for Environmental Affairs for their attention to hold convoys in various fields in order to serve the citizens of the region.
On the other hand, the sector was organized a trip to the tree forest in Luxor and a symposium on the youth's role in protecting the environment at Faculty of Fine Arts, beside continuing the blood donation campaigns and the public service camp and Afforestation at the university, in addition to the activities of environment week at the faculties in luxor ,Qena and the Red Sea.