Vice President for Community Service:

A charity market is a new Addtion for the Environment Week and service to the citizens




   Prof. Dr. Sayed Taha, Vice President for Community Service confirmed that the environment week was opened today's at the university , and which stimulates to the voluntary work in the field of the environment and environmental work among the youth of the universities, institutions, ministries and people of upper Egypt to participate in it, as he expressed his happiness with many students of the university and their interest in effective participation in the events of environment week, pointing out that was held meetings with the student families of the university for three days , as well as thanking all the students on their participation beside thanking the guests from Ministries of Environment, Youth and Education, Agriculture , the National Council for Women , Environmental Affairs Agency, Nasr factories of Mining , Misr Cement , Renaissance Cement, Misr companies for Petroleum, members of Nature reserve ,Deans of faculties and directors of administrations at the university.