Students of South Valley University win the first rank in the competition of "Water Hyacinth" in Luxor





Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president expressed his happiness with the students of South Valley University in Career Development Center who won the first rank in the project's idea for converting water hyacinth into animal feed, which was held in Luxor
The university president honored the students and admired to the students' idea, as well as the university keenness on encouraging and implementing the project, as confirming that the university labs available for each successful idea beside providing the technical advice in the analysis of samples from the project
On the other hand, Dr. Muhammad Omran, Executive Director of Career Development Center at the university declared that the students won the first rank in the first filtering among ( 78) ideas as the idea of water hyacinth got the first rank moreover in the second filtering which was among ( 31) projects ,and he thanked the university president for his honoring the students and encouraging them to innovate which included students / Islam Hashem , Ahmed Abou El Wafa Faculty of Education, Department of English, Mohamed Abdel Latif and Sameh Selim Faculty of Engineering , Mohamed Mohsen postgraduate at Faculty of Arts , Eman Khodary, postgraduate at Faculty of Education Zainab Ahmed, Faculty of Commerce , Shaima Abdel Sayed Taha , Faculty of Specific Education , Taha Nasreddin and Youssef Mamdouh Adly, Faculty of Arts.