"Resala" Family at Faculty of Engineering wins the Ideal Student Competition at level of the Egyptian Universities





Prof. Dr. Jamal Abd Al-Jaber thanked the student of Faculty of Engineering especially, students of "Resala" Family for their efforts in cleaning up the faculty included the lecture halls and laboratories for preparing to the second semester, he added that the faculty will hold a ceremony to honor those students, who won the best ideal family at the level of the Egyptian universities due to their great efforts of the community services and its success in the delivery of their services to the villages,
While the dean confirmed that the faculty provides the help as much as possible ,he also thanked the faculty students for their commitment and efforts in the faculty activities in the first semester , stressing that based on the instructions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president to complete all the preparations and attention to the health condition of the students , so the faculty was prepared to receive students for the second semester and equipped the medical clinic by the medical administration in the faculty .