Opening of medical clinics at Faculty of Engineering, Nursing and the University Dormitories





 Dr. Yasser Al-Maghraby , Director of the medical administration at the university confirmed that based on the instructions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president to attention to the health care for students , he approved to operating the medical clinics at Faculty of Engineering , the Technical Institute of Nursing and School of Nursing and the University Dormitory , in order to provide the medical care for the university students , in addition to continuous monitoring for students and holding medical awareness seminars in all faculties and the university Dormitory , adding that will be a doctor from the medical administration in the clinics constantly , stressing that the university will establish a lot of medical clinics in all faculties after completing the first phase of these clinics , on the other hand, Dr. Yasser confirmed that the medical administration in coordination with all the administrations of the university prepared medically for the second semester .