The President of South Valley University:

Preparing for Speed Ball Festival in Hurghada with the participation of Egyptian and Arab universities





    Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president stressed on completing all preparations for speed ball festival in Hurghada where the work carries out efficiently with the participation of Arab and Egyptian Universities in cooperation with Speedball Federation and the Red Sea Governorate within the activities of Association of Arab Universities, which began its activities in the beginning of the first semester for this year with Futsal Championship with participation of Arab and Egyptian Universities, in addition to International Labor Camp for Scouts that was held at the University
As he added that South Valley University is the headquarters of the Arab Activities Council in Association of Arab Universities where the university was distinguished in implementing the Council's program regularly, pointing to the importance of the activities for exchange of experiences and cultures
He also confirmed that Speedball Festival was held last year in Luxor for boosting the tourism with participation of a large number of African universities and Arab in collaboration with Speedball Federation and declared that the festival will be held on March 10, as he expressed his happiness with success of Offers Sports Festival in Luxor with participation of the universities
Moreover he thanked the university students on the successful ranks in all competitions, stressing that the university supports any activity for the student, also he thanked the employees of studio at the university for producing the first documentary film about South Valley University since its establishment and the development stages .