In the presence of the President of South Valley University and an Italian expert:

Opening the first workshop on "Diagnostic Radiology" at SVU



 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president declared on establishment of Integrated Center for Emergency at the University Hospital in collaboration with European Union for serving patients in upper Egypt during the next phase The University President stressed on the importance of holding the medical workshops at the University Hospital in order to benefit from the expertise of specialists, whether they are foreigners or Egyptians where these visits support the University Hospital and contributing in exchange of different experiences , this during his speech at the opening workshop of Interventional Radiology at the university hospital in the presence of Prof. Cesare Massa Saluzzo , Consultant of Diagnostic Radiology in Italy , who conducts therapy by interventional radiology for cases of Hepatobiliary and atherosclerosis of lower limbs in the framework of workshop As the university president pointed out that there is an agreement was held between the university and the Directorate of Health for receiving the emergency cases for treatment at the university hospital which will contribute to alleviate the suffering of patients ,as well as he demanded to set a future plan meets the needs of the university hospitals with its various department, emphasizing on providing all aspects of treatment and health service for patients. While Prof. Dr. Cesare Massa Saluzzo , Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional in Italy expressed his happiness with the warm reception in the university and pointed that the interventional radiology is used in a lot of diseases and tumors such as Hepatobiliary Moreover Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sharqawy , Head of Radiology Department at the University Hospital added that within the workshop it is conducted ( 4) surgeries of interventional Radiology for solving the problems of endovascular and bile ducts. As well as Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abu Al Yoser , Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine added that the interventional radiology is accurate specialization in the university hospital is used for first time.