Qena governor meets with the medical leaders in the government



             Gen.  Abd Al-Hamid Hagan, Qena Governor met with the medical leaderships in Qena governorate in order to familiar with the latest preparations for virus H1N1, where the University was represented by Dr. Ali Rabea , General Director  of the  University Hospital and Dr. Yasser Magraby , General Director of Medical Services , who   stressed on the  university is prepared  to receive students in the Second Semester with taking all the precautions at  the university in order to prevent disease and  find out the cases of disease for  treating them   in coordination with  Administration of the preventive Medicine at Directorate of  Health Affairs,  as well as increasing health awareness symposiums at the university and the university Dormitories  for  identification of the disease and ways to prevent it.    On the sidelines of the meeting it was emphasized the coordination between the University Hospital and the Directorate of Health Affairs to receive critical cases and treated at the university hospital, rather than transferring them into outside Qena. .