South Valley University Council decides :
- Exchanging a reward on the occasion of Birth of the Prophet
- Hosting the creative student Forum on September 2014 



           The Council of South Valley University in its recent meeting headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president approved exchanging the reward for academic staff, their assistants and the university employees in the faculties in Qena, Luxor and the Red Sea as well as the university hospital, contractors and seconded from other universities on the occasion of Birth of the Prophet     The Council also decided to nominate Dr. Mahmood Hashim Abdul Qadir , photochemistry professor and head of the German University in Cairo to  the Nile State Prize in technological  science in 2013 , and the nomination of Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ali Al-Ghiny, the  Dean of Faculty of Archaeology to award of King Abdullah (II) Bin Al Hussein for the creation (7th  session of 2013 / 2014) as well as nomination of Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al-Sadek, Faculty of Science to Award of Mohamed Amin Lutfy in the field of physical sciences for 2013  As the council approved to host the creative student forum which is one of the Arab Council's activities during September 2014, as it was decided to appointed both of Dr Abd Al- Rahman Abd Al-Hamid Al-Sayed as professor in Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Rashid Marzouq Rashid ,Faculty of Education, Dr. Nadia Abdullah Mohammed ,Faculty of Nursing and Dr. Mary Gaiad Farham, Faculty of Fine Arts as Assistant Professor     The Council also decided to  appoint  Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mahmoud and Dr. Sabah Ahmed Hammad  , Faculty of Science , Dr Hassan Yousef Abd Al-Hamid , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Dr. Mohammed Yahia  Abdullah, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Rabab Magdy Ismail , Faculty of Education in Hurghada , Dr. Manal Mohamed Mubarak and  Faculty of Fine Arts as  a lecturer  , as well as  Ththe council decided to grant doctoral degree to student/  Ibrahim Essa Abbas ,  Faculty of Education , student /Eman Abdel Atty Hassan , Faculty of Science , student/ Asmaa  Jaber Mubarak , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , and student/ Mohammed Fathy Abdul Ghani , Faculty of Medicine , beside the Council also decided to grant master's degree to student / Nabila  Mahfouz Sadek,  student /Ibrahim Hussein Abdullah , Faculty of Education , student /Ahmed Mohamed Kamal , Faculty of Science , student/ Taj Khaled Ahmed Mohamed , student /Amany  Mohammed Zaki , student /Mahmoud Hamza Mohammed , student/ Mohamed Sayed Abbas , student /Eman Sayed Abdul Hakim , student/ Maha Mohy Al-Din  and student /Ayman Sayed Ahmed , Faculty of Arts, Qena  as well as  student /Hussein Ahmed Hussein , student / Ahmed Mohamed Abd Al Nasser , Faculty of Physical Education and student /Shaima Gharib Ahmed ,  Faculty of Education in Hurghada .