At the meeting of the association of Arab Universities in Jordan:

Thanking of South Valley University on its prowess for implementing the student activities and good hosting for the universities

1 .1 .2014




  Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi , the president of Association of Arab Universities , Dr. Mohamed Raafat ,Assistant Secretary of the association and Director of the executive councils at the level of Arab Universities thanked the President of South Valley University, and Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail , Vice President for Student Affairs , where the association also thanked within the program of 10th annual meeting for the directors of Arab councils and secretaries of the scientific societies of the faculties that corresponding to the institutions of Arab Universities association in Jordan ,as he added that he thanked again for the University , which is the headquarters of the Arab Council for student activities for its prowess in the implementation of student activities and good hosting for the universities.
It is noted that Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail , Vice-president thanked the Association of Arab Universities for its success in implementing student activities in Egypt , especially South Valley University, while Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour expressed his happiness with this honor for the University and thanked the leaders of the Arab association headed by Dr. Sultan Abu Arabi, president of Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Mohamed Raafat ,Assistant Secretary, where he added that the university succeeded in implementing all various activities at the level of the Arab universities, as he thanked the university students for their efforts.