Under the supervision of Animal Production and Poultry Department:
The university president opens the outlet for sale of poultry to the public






 In the framework of the university's service to Qena citizens, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president accompanied by Dr. Zenhom Shaikhoun , head of the department opened the outlet for sale of poultry to the public in Animal Production and Poultry Department at Faculty of Agriculture where he expressed his happiness with the achievements of the farm as providing the various services to the citizens of Qena , while Dr. Hamdy Hassan stressed the quality of the product as the stages of full production under the supervision of the academic staff of the department at the Faculty as will be opened the outlet for sale of egg in order to provide animal protein for the employees at the university and citizens as well as improving the development of the region, moreover he thanked the university president for his attention to the department.