Training Program of Skills for the employees at the university






    In the framework of developing the skills of employees at the University under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president that the public administration of the organization and management was organized a training program to develop the skills of the employees who occupied the degree of large , in the period of December 16 – 22,2013 , where this program aims to administrative skills and behavioral for candidates to position of General Director, while Mr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Wahab , General Director of the organization and administration pointed that the training includes the role of position in activating the units inside the university , also the scientific concept of administration , the dimensions of the administrative process and the scientific method for preparing the research and reports as well as the scientific method to study and analysis of the administrative problems , the concept of comprehensive quality for the Administrative process and how to formulate the administrative decision .Moreover, Eman Helmy Fares, Director of the training in the administration added that the training lectured by Dr. Mahsoub Abd Al-Qader , Director of Quality Assurance Center at the University , Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Ahmed Khalil, a lecturer at Faculty of Education and the experts of training from the Directorate of management and organization in Qena .