Establishment of Fish Farms at SVU




 It was concluded the events of training course for fish farming in Qena Governorate, which was held at the University for three days with the participation of the Egyptian Initiative for Development (NIDA ) through training on the fish farming and hatcheries by organized a field visit to the fish hatchery in Naj Hammadi , where Dr. Zenhom Shaikhoun , head of Animal production and poultry department at Faculty of Agriculture confirmed that the results of this course was resulted in the holding several agreements between Department of Animal Production and poultry at Faculty of Agriculture and agricultural development sector in the project of (NIDA ) , which included Establishment of Fish Farms at the university in order to train students at the faculty , doing the scientific research and providing services for Qena citizens , while the agreement included training courses by Academic staff to the the farmers and Non-governmental organizations in Qena in the fields of poultry , animal production , Dairy , and recycling of agricultural waste , where Dr. Hamdy Hassan stressed on the importance of fish farming in Egypt for increasing the production of fish