Conclusion of Handball Tournament at the University Dormitories





     Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president and Prof.  Dr. Hefny Ismail , Vice President for Student Affairs was  concluded handball  tournament under the supervision of Mr.  Tariq Mohammed , Mr. Kenawy Abu Al-Majd , Mr. Fahad Mubarak and Mr. Hany Mouawad  and sponsored by  Youth  Care administration at the university Dormitories , which was held in  open stadiums  at the university for  two days ,where was won with   the first rank  the Royal Team , the second rank the Pharaohs team ,the  third rank   Physical Education team  and the fourth  rank  Eagles team , on the other hand Youth Care administration  was organized a trip for students of the Dormitories  to Luxor to identify the Pharaonic history of Egypt  which included  various program for  students