In cooperation with the Egyptian Initiative for Development:

A Training Course for Intensive Fish Farming in Qena


        Dr. Hamdy Hassan at  Faculty of Agriculture declared the beginning the events of the  training course at the university in cooperation  with the Egyptian Initiative for Integrated Development (NIDA ) , which will be held for three days in the presence of Dr. Ali Ibrahim Professor of Agricultural Economics at Zagazig University and Dr. Diaa Kamal , an international expert in the agriculture organization and Eng. Maher Suriel, General Director of the general authority for development of wealth fish ,Mr.  Khalid Ahmed Hassanein, director of hatchery fish in Naj Hammadi and the High Dam , Dr. Zenhom Shaikhoun ,head of the of Animal Production and poultry Department, Faculty of Agriculture ,members of civil community assemblies ,farmers in Qena and  engineers of agricultural associations The course aims to train attendees on implementing the three models for fish agricultural farms in the villages of the province to adopt the concept of frequent use of agricultural groundwater and sustainable, where each farm will include a fish farm  with intensive production and cultivation of feed, food, and animal breeding and agricultural waste recycling While The project adopts the modern techniques by use of solar energy in pumping water wells, in order to be a guide and productivity points for farmers and youth  in the province as a productivity projects that will provide employment opportunities for youth . On the other hand,  Dr. Hamdy Hassan added  that the guests of symposium were thanked South Valley University to adopt the issues of the community service , such as food production , the search for new sources of energy and recycling of agricultural waste, he  also discussed cooperation methods between the university and the project in providing the required services, while Mr. Khalid Ahmed Hassanein, Director of hatchery fish in Naj Hammadi will  provide the necessary technical support for establishing  a fish farm in  Animal Production and poultry Department  at Faculty of Agriculture for training the students and doing the scientific research as well as  training the producers to raise  the fisheries sector in Qena.