Minister of Higher Education visits the university hospitals and the Olympic Village





 Prof. Dr. Hossam Essa , Deputy of Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education , accompanied by Gen. Abd Al-Hamid Hagan , Qena Governor , Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khodary , Vice President for Postgraduate , Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail , Vice President for Student Affairs , Prof. Dr. Sayed Taha , Vice President for Community Service and Deans of the Faculties inspected the new hospital at the university included Cardiac Catheterization Department, Artificial Kidney Department , X-ray Computed Tomography , Outpatients Building , the Reception , Olympic Village and Stadiums, as he expressed his admiration for the hospital possibilities and advanced devices, as well as praising the medical efficient at the hospital by doctors and employees , stressing on the need to provide medical services at the same level , while the ministry pays a great attention to the university hospitals , on the other hand, the ministry held meeting with the deans of the faculties , then visited the Olympic Village ,the covered Hall and stadiums , as he praised the university's role in the activation of student activities , especially 9th Arab Futsal Championship , 6th International Work Camp for Scout and a lot of activities, beside thanking all the university employees, its mentioned that the Minister of Higher Education was visited Faculty of Fine Arts and opened the gallery of the faculty students