University of Wismar honors President of South Valley University






    It was concluded the International Scientific Conference "Arts History and Design in Upper Egypt in ancient Egyptian" in the presence of leaders of Wismar University, Germany, and all participants from universities in Germany, beside the presence of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president and his delegation , as Prof. Dr. Marion Fenika , vice president of Wismar University granted Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour Commemorative Medal of University of Wismar as a confirmation of the friendship between the two universities
While Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, invited the President of Wismar University and its leaders to visit South Valley University to identify on its faculties , the research projects , student activities ,educational and scientific in all fields , as he stressed on the importance of exchange of student expertise and scientific to achieve the possible benefit in various fields of science and knowledge,

On the other hand , the university president updated the scientific cooperation agreement and cultural between the two universities , which was signed between them since 2006 and activating it in the fields of Art , Architecture and Archeology , as well as adding Art Education Department at Faculty of Specific Education and Faculty Tourism, and Hotels to the agreement , moreover Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour approved the proposal of University of Wismar to create Master's degree as a scientific which grants to the researchers and scholars in the fields of Art , Architecture, Archeology , Tourism and Hotels, where the duration of the study is two academic years include four semesters in English as the master certification accredited from University of Wismar and South Valley in the framework of joint research project between the two universities which represented by Prof. Dr. Saleh Abd Al-Muty , Dean of Faculty of Tourism at the university.