Symposium on "the Poultry Breeding Foundations for nutrition and Veterinary Care"




Dr. Zenhom Shaykhoun at Faculty of Agriculture declared that under the sponsored of South Valley University and the two companies of Al- Ahram for poultry production and Al-Aziz for the development of animal wealth in the presence of the poultry's breeders from Qena the symposium on raising awareness of the latest modern methods of nutrition and veterinary care , where the symposium was lectured by Dr. Amr Hussein, a professor of poultry nutrition at the National Center for Research , Mr. Najeh Kamel , Director of Al-Ahram company for Poultry and Mr. Ahmed Mostafa , director of veterinary care in Al-Ahram company ,
it is noteworthy that the attendance at the symposium was visited the poultry farms , accompanied by academic staff at the department of Poultry to know the activity of the department in the development of the environment and community service, while Dr. Hamdi Hassan at the department stressed on the importance of the university role in raising the awareness of poultry producers in Qena by the organizing symposiums and training courses at the university.