Success of the Symposium on "Media, the Occupational and Aspirations of the Future"






      Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president stressed on the importance of media and advised the university students to take advantage of all the possibilities of the university and the Department of Media and the need to take advantage of this symposium by increasing their media skills and expressing their opinions about the media in the world as well as keeping up with all that is new and modern in the media and its types, where he thanked the media department and his students to their efforts by hosting the media experts in Egypt.
While Dr. Adly Reda , Professor of media and head of the media studies sector in the Supreme Council of Universities expressed his happiness to attend this symposium , which coincided with the opening of 6th Scout Camp and participation of Egyptian universities , as he thanked the leaders of South Valley University and the media department at Faculty of Arts for hosting this symposium ,
Moreover ,Dr. Abd Al-Aziz , Head of the media department at Faculty of Arts, thanked the attendees , especially Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president and his attention to Media Department , he also thanked Dr. Adly Reda and Dr. Mohamed Rafat, Assistant secretary of the Association of Arab Universities for attending the symposium .