In collaboration with the Directorate of Education:

Sports convoy from South Valley University to educate Schools and Youth Centers in Qena




   Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the University President, Prof.  Dr. Sayed Taha , Vice President for  community service sector, and Prof.  Dr. Ahmed Kamal , Dean of Faculty of Physical Education , and in collaboration with the Directorate of Education in the framework of a plan of the environment sector  at the faculty was organized the first sports  convoy from  set of Sports convoys in schools ,youth centers  and sports clubs in order to raise awareness of sports and sports culture for students of schools and institutions of youth and sports in the presence of Mr.  Monir Abdul Ghafoor , Undersecretary of Education Ministry in Qena Mr. Emad,  Deputy of  Directorate , Mr.  Yahya Abdul Muttalib Sayed,  General Director of the Directorate and Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Mousa , Vice Dean for Community Service , while the convoy included symposium on the sports culture and its importance to the students as well as some preliminary games for the development of leadership