A training program on "The Comprehensive Quality"




 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president  South valley university  organizes training program on "The Comprehensive Quality" in the period of November 26 – 28,2013 with the participation of a number of employees  in  the Central administration of   the University and  the University  dormitories  and the faculties . While Mr. Abd Al- Rahim Abd  Al-Wahab , General Director of the organization and management  at the university  said that the program  aims to identify the  participants to the basic concepts of  management of the comprehensive quality and developing their  capacities in the applying it  at the University in the framework of the university efforts to develop  the work and under the auspices of the university president . Where Mrs. Eman Hilmy Fares , responsible  of Training in General administration  of Organization and Management added that the program lectured for  three days by  Dr. Mahsoub  Abd Al-Qader,  Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center University , Dr. Faraj Khodary  , deputy of director for Quality Assurance Center and Dr. Adel Al-Sayed Ahmed , assistant professor at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine where the  program discusses  The concept of comprehensive quality and how to apply it ,in order to keep up with the global and local variables ,beside the the comprehensive quality  management and continuous improvement of the administrative process according to  the quality standards.