Faculty of Engineering wins the first rank in competition of Faculties of Engineering Association the members of the Association of Arab Universities




Dr. Abdullah Abdul Hai , lecturer at Faculty of Engineering at South Valley University won the first rank in the scientific competition for choosing the best three research for Arab researchers that published in scientific journal , and is noted that the competition terms included that the research was published in the global magazine , as well as the researches specialized in solution of the engineering problems in the field petroleum Engineering and renewable energy research for the environment in the Arab world and published in 2012, where was formed a committee of professors to assessment the research that presented to the association which were (23) research of Iraq and various Arab countries, therefore Dr. Abdullah Abdul Hai ,Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University won the first rank and Dr. Karima Ismail Amury ,Faculty of Engineering , Bagdad in Iraq won the second rank ,while Dr. Sayed Mahmoud ,Faculty of Engineering , Gulf University in Bahrain won the third rank.