Conclusion of Holy Quran Competitions and Beautification Camp and Sports Tournament for students of the University Dormitories




















    Prof. Dr Abbas Mansour, the university president thanked administration of the University Dormitories and Youth care to implement a set of student activities that included Arab Futsal Championship , which was held on in the period from 9/11/2013 TO 11/11/2013 ,and also public service camp for beautification and cleanliness of the university dormitories in the period from 12/11/2013 to 14/11/2013, in addition to Tennis Table Tournament for students in the period from 16 to 1811 to 2013 ,and finally Holy Quran Competitions in the period from 19/11/2013 to /21/11/2013, as well as there are many of activities practiced by students of the university dormitories, as he thanked all the participating teams in the 9th Arab Futsal championship .


While Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail, Vice President for Student Affairs added that the university president gave great attention to activate the activity's role in the university dormitories and moreover there is another competition will be held in the period from 23/11/2013 to 25/11/2013 and the First Aid course throughout November on Saturday and Monday and Tuesday of each week