The University Students train more than 210 of their colleagues in the program of Building Youth Capacity





      In the framework of cooperation between South Valley University and Social Contract Center in Egyptian Ministers Council , the university students who have passed the first phase were trained (210) student on trainers program in seven halls at the university
Where Mr. Mohamed Azab, coordinator of youth program in social contract center and project coordinator of the Ministers Council confirmed that was increased the number of students after the high demand from students and expressed his happiness with the efforts of the university president in the success of the program and its phases by providing their needs and following-up all phases of the project
While student /Shaker Ahmed Shaker, Faculty of Law confirmed that training is a great addition to the students in capacity development and employment , as well as student/ Basma Al- Khatib , Faculty of Education added that the training is a large advantage for all and added new relationships with other colleagues, beside student / Marwa Hassan Mohamed said that the training is important opportunity for everyone, mentioning that The training began in the morning with the participation of (210) student as the first phase in seven halls.