In Cooperation with Shura Foundation:
Qena Farmers at Symposium on “the Ideal Cultivation of Wheat” at SVU





      Dr. Zenhom Shaikhoun , the University coordinator of shura Foundation Project confirmed that based on the instructions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President for attention to Qena farmers by providing all that is new in the wheat cultivation, where the university role is very important in it ,so it was held in collaboration with Shura Foundation symposium on “the Ideal Cultivation of Wheat ” , where the wheat crop is a national crop of Egypt and this is the university mission through awareness the farmers with the best methods , modern seeds, modern methods of fattening for wheat cultivation and irrigation methods
While Dr. Mohamed Samy , Executive Manager of shura Foundation stressed that the Foundation aware the farmers in Upper Egypt and serves them in wheat cultivation , so the cooperation between Shura foundation and South Valley University offers all various services to the people of Upper Egypt, after that he thanked the university president on his efforts for citizens of Upper Egypt, especially Qena Governorate , stressing that there are many programs will provide for them during the coming period .