Completing the second phase in building youth capacity and training (400) student at the university





      In the framework of cooperation between the social contract center and the Ministers Council of Egypt and South Valley University, and the Association of Nile Valley Development Qena, it was completed the second phase of the program which aims to rehabilitate a number of the university youth and who were trained in the first week on skills and knowledge of life to become able to provide this training to their colleagues training of trainers (ToT)
While the third phase will begin in the next week, which those youth will implement this training to their collogues students in order to achieve the continues of the program in the university and the number of students who trained (30) student ,and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that the university student should benefit from this program professionally to help them to train their colleagues , as well as he thanked all based on this work and expressed his happiness with the university students and their excellence in this session.
On the other hand, Mr. Mohamed Azab, coordinator of youth program in social contract center expressed his happiness with student and emphasized on the continuing support of the center to the students of the Egyptian Universities and South Valley University in particular , in order to achieve the continuing communication of the universities’ students and their ability to positive influence in the community
Therefore the program aims to train (400) student from all faculties of the university which divided on( 2) week , as well as both Husseiny Abdel Fattah , Mohamed Mamdouh Ahmed and Alaa Abul Magd officials of the Association of Nile Valley in Qena expressed their happiness for effective participation among the university students in this training , emphasizing on the association’s support for all the citizens of Qena , especially the University students.