Holding a public service camp and competitions at the University Dormitories




        In the framework of activating the various activities for the students of the University Dormitories Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President confirmed that will practice many activities at the university dormitories in Luxor , the Red Sea and Qena by participating students ,which will begin to hold Beautification camp on 10 - 12 /11/2013 as well as table tennis competition for than 17 to 20 students , football from 10 to 12 students , competition of memorization of Holy Quran and Hadith from 18 to 20 students and chess competition for from 23 to 25 students, adding that the university prepared to receive futsal Arab championship by participation of the Egyptian Universities and Arab , where he thanked all families at the university to its outstanding activities since the beginning of the study , stressing that there are prize allocated by the University for the best family and the best faculties , beside continuing mentoring tours all the university dormitories .