Appointment of (4) graduate of Faculty of Agriculture as Assistant of Farms Managers





      Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President honored the top students in the training on diploma of technicians use of agricultural pesticides to automatic use and give them loans to work as distributors of pesticides in their villages and their places, comes within the framework of cooperation the university with Shura Foundation to train the university students ,where trained students of faculties of Agriculture , Engineering , Veterinary Medicine, Education and Arts ,While it was opened The training center Shura to train students and opening the Agricultural fertility Shura in Faculty of Agriculture, on an area of acres , which it manages , cultivation and profit for the faculty students, where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that the fruitful cooperation between the university and the foundation resulted of appointment of (4) student from the Faculty of Agriculture “Khaled Raslan , Ahmed Abdel Muti , Ali Fathi and Marwa Sayed , as assistants to farm managers , where the cooperation contributed in cooperate in establishment of greenhouses at the university and granting loans to students who were honored to work as a distributor in their villages , which is the mission of the university in advancement of the surrounding environment and helping the local community , as before was celebrated to the appointment of (3) student in the banks in career development center where the university always seeks to serve the local community the ceremony was attended by Dr .Mohammad Sami, Executive manager of Shura foundation and Dr. Mohamed Ali , the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Zenhom Shaikhoun ,project coordinator at the university, and mentions that Shura foundation is Egyptian Foundation and non-profit as well as working to improve the standard of living of graduates and agricultural development in Upper Egypt as well as cooperating with many universities and agricultural schools in Egypt.