Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Small Projects



The university organized a workshop on Entrepreneurship and Small Projects in cooperation with Marketing and Technology Transfer and Innovation Office and also the National Council for Women (NCW) in Qena. The main objective was achieving development and awareness dimension through presenting examples of small projects that depend on available resources in the environment and commensurate with the capacities of women .The workshop involved many examples of industrial projects in the field of agricultural and livestock production and food industry as well as some ideas for commercial projects. Additionally, the initial basics of how to prepare feasibility studies were shown. It was lectured by Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Farag Khodary. Dr. Alamir Hussein ,Dr. Fatma Ibrahim and Dr. Atyat Mahmoud. At the End ,Dr. Hoda Saady referred in her speech to the importance of small projects and its role in developing the community.