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South Valley University (SVU), covers a large area in Upper Egypt and distributed in three Governorates (Qena, Luxor, and the Red Sea).
SVU main campus is located in Qena, a city which is 600 km south Cairo. Other campuses are in Luxor and Hurghada (The Red Sea). The University includes a total of 16 Faculty and one Institute.
Teaching in the University, a former branch of Assiut University, began in October 1970. SVU was separated from Assiut University on January 2, 1995 by decree No.142.
As compared to its weight, SVU is committed to a big social service role in the region of Upper Egypt. SVU is a vibrant, nationally recognized student-centered, research institution with an enrollment of 30,500 in the Academic Year 2011/2012. The University attracts students from every governorate of Egypt and some other countries. Its more than 1,500 faculty members have been trained at some of the world's finest institutions and they bring to the University a global perspective that enhances the learning environment.
As a matter of fact, for a complete period of 17 years as an independent university, SVU has been serving the mission of a distinguished institution, to comprise its cultural, educational, and service commitment. Needless to say, being a good neighbor and a valued member of the community is one of its highest priorities.


Scientific leadership to establish knowledge society and permanent development.



South Valley University (SVU) seeks to offer education based on the needs of society and creative and practical researches through facilitating a good educational and learning atmosphere that can prepare proficient graduates according to regional and international criteria. Besides, SVU supports scientific research and effective partnership that answer the aspiration of the south valley society.

SVU University Plan


Aswan branch which contains six (6) colleges is operating as a separate university in this year (2012/2013) and a new nine (9) Colleges will be established and added to it.
Another universities (Luxor and Red Sea University) will be established to serve luxor and the red sea area. This universities are intended for especial studies which help developing their areas. A number of new colleges offering courses related to the especial need of these areas will be established in the next few years. These colleges aim to serve the society surrounding the university.

Education and Research: By the academic year 2012/2013 with Total Budget (more than 200 Million LE ~ 33 Million Dollars)
1- Undergraduate students


Or campus




Un. G. St. Number




Total Numbers ~ 30500 (~ 60% female and~ 40% Male)
2- Post graduate Students and open learning
More than
  • 10,000 Post graduate Students (Diploma, M.A., Ms.C. & Ph.D.)
  • 15,000 Open Learning
3- University staff members and their assistant



Associate professor


Assistant lectures & Demon.






University Membership:
- International Association of Universities (I.A.U.).
- Association of Arab Universities (A.A.U.).

- Arab Network for Staff Dev. in Higher Education (ANSD).

- Connection of Islamic Universities.

- Association of African Universities (A.A.U.).

- International Association of University Presidents (IAUP).


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