Opening the Scout Forum for Universities of Upper Egypt



Under the auspices of Minister of Youth & Sports Eng. Khaled Abdel Aziz and President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the Scout Forum for Universities of Upper Egypt was opened with the participation of Al-azhar Universities (Assiut Branch) Fayoum , Sohag Universities and others. The forum was organized by Ministry of Youth & Sport on 1/4/2017 in cooperation with SVU. Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour thanked Eng. Khaled Abdel Aziz in his word for his ongoing support to the students in all activities to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the universities. Moreover, Dr. Gehan Hanafy, General Manager at Ministry of Youth & Sport, referred to the objective of organizing that forum that was developing skills and abilities of scouts and girl guides, activating scouts and public service's slogan in developing the community and setting a plan to develop scouts' phase in light of sustainable development goals 2030.She added that the forum divided into phases: the first was for Universities of Lower Egypt and the second was for Universities of Upper Egypt.







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