Plenty of interest on outpatient building at the university hospital in Qena






The South Valley University President, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, inspects the outpatient building in the university hospitals in the first day of starts the work in it, where he was reassured on the regularity of work. He also met with many of patients who complained from the length of distance of outpatient building, which is located at a campus.
The university president stressed that he has always worked to provide the maximum convenience to patients and their companions. He pointed out that the transfer of outpatient to the new building was part of a comprehensive plan to develop and upgrade the university hospitals services as the old building was no longer accommodate the number of clinics with the continued increase concurrent with the University Hospital developing and increasing medical departments it creating a lot of overcrowding and reduce weekly working days in clinics, so it was necessary to do this change, which flows into the interest of the citizen in the first place.
He added that will be coordinating with the governorate of Qena to provide buses to facilitate the movement of citizens to the new outpatient building also noted that a new emergency building will be constructing to receive emergency and critical cases on weekdays.










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