Beginning of the 2nd Phase of Children's University




The 2nd Phase of Children's University was opened at SVU in the period from 29/1/2017 to 9/2/2017. It consisted of the second level (ages 10-11) and the third level (ages 13-14).Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour ,President of the University, referred to the important role of the university to serve the community and provide scientific consulting .He also talked about Children's University and its role in empowering young minds with creativity towards social development, promoting the self learning techniques to energize every child with positive thinking towards Invention and Innovation and exploring the talent of every child to the world by creating efficient technology. Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Obaid, Lecturer at Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Qena, added that Children's University has given the opportunity to study Medicine ,Health, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Arts, Engineering, Information technology and Biotechnology .At the end, Dr. Mohammed Abdel Hady ,Coordinator of the second phase of the program, asserted that Children's University was one of partnership activities between the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and Egyptian Universities. It is worth mentioning that SVU is one of the first universities participating in the program in Upper Egypt.





The faculty looks forward to provide educational chances on high level, develop creative skills, develop staff members' skills through veterinary services, use all scientific and technological ways in education for its students through active participation with society's institutions and organizations


The faculty looks forward to be distinguished and leader on the local, national and international level in Veterinary Medicine faculty through graduating sufficient veterinarians who are capable of the professional practice ,continuous education and doing researches to serve society and developing environment according to the general quality standards