"Culture management and management culture" Conference






The South Valley University President, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour witnessed the first phase opening for the second year of the Child University in cooperation with the Scientific Research Academy, where the university president emphasized the full support from the University to the Child University during the first year from the establishment of this university, which aims to prepare children for the future, as they are the generation upon which the State.
He asked the supervisors of the Child University to explain to children inside faculties, introduce them with all the faculties and its various departments, giving them language and computer skills, how to deal with others and how to express themselves.
Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail talked about the new faculties at the university which contribute to the development of children's capabilities in the medical or practical or theoretical faculties and stressed that the child became capable of dealing with modern technology dramatically.
The Child University Project’s Coordinator Dr. Imad Ali Ahmed added that this training program for a period of 10 days from 9 am till 3 pm, aged 9-10 years and from the age of 12-13 years, the children during a training visit most of the scientific and medical faculties and this phase aims training 52 children.









The faculty looks forward to provide educational chances on high level, develop creative skills, develop staff members' skills through veterinary services, use all scientific and technological ways in education for its students through active participation with society's institutions and organizations


The faculty looks forward to be distinguished and leader on the local, national and international level in Veterinary Medicine faculty through graduating sufficient veterinarians who are capable of the professional practice ,continuous education and doing researches to serve society and developing environment according to the general quality standards