2nd Exhibition of Innovation at SVU





 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President , it was opened 2nd exhibition of innovation at the university with participation of (50) innovators which involved innovative models and ideas for community service, as The university president confirmed that the exhibition is a stimulating environment for innovation for developing and investing the talents and innovative ideas, in order to convert these innovations to development projects for solving the problems of the industry and development. 

On the other hand, Dr. Raafat Shieb El Hamd , Director of the Intellectual Property Office emphasized on issuing a Patents to some innovative ideas of the exhibition.

Moreover Dr. Faraj Khodary , office manager of marketing and technology transfer at the University pointed out that that several agencies were participated in this exhibition as well as many of faculties, Metal Research center , society of traditional crafts development , sanitation and drinking water company in Sohag , talented administration and learning smart in Directorate Education in Qena , exploratory Center for Science in Qena and technology development center, in order to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in upper Egypt . 







The faculty looks forward to provide educational chances on high level, develop creative skills, develop staff members' skills through veterinary services, use all scientific and technological ways in education for its students through active participation with society's institutions and organizations


The faculty looks forward to be distinguished and leader on the local, national and international level in Veterinary Medicine faculty through graduating sufficient veterinarians who are capable of the professional practice ,continuous education and doing researches to serve society and developing environment according to the general quality standards