The 3rd Medical Conference of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at SVU





The 3rd Medical Conference of Obstetrics and Gynaecology which organized by the University under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president was begun on April 13-15, 2015 in Hurghada.
While Prof. Dr. Ismail Hefny, Vice President for Student Affairs stressed on the importance of gynaecology and obstetrics science. He also praised Faculty of Medicine, which is one of the modern faculties and became medical edifice in Upper Egypt by hosting many important medical conferences. Besides Dr. Hamdy Hussien, the dean of Faculty of Medicine emphasized on holding this conference for interactive and exchanging of experiences among young researchers , doctors and professors in the field, in order to promote the scientific process and medical services 
Furthermore, Dr. Ahmed Hashim, head of obstetrics and gynaecology department added that the conference is attended by professors, researchers , doctors and representatives of Egyptian universities and hospitals of Ministry of Health, for discussing the fertilization , ICSI , surgical oncology and surgical laparoscopic and Medicine fetus, besides holding an exhibition of the latest pharmaceutical products, medical device companies on the sidelines of conference.







The faculty looks forward to provide educational chances on high level, develop creative skills, develop staff members' skills through veterinary services, use all scientific and technological ways in education for its students through active participation with society's institutions and organizations


The faculty looks forward to be distinguished and leader on the local, national and international level in Veterinary Medicine faculty through graduating sufficient veterinarians who are capable of the professional practice ,continuous education and doing researches to serve society and developing environment according to the general quality standards