Objectives of the Library :
1 - Toviralamraja and the various sources of knowledge and to create the right climate for students and researchers in order to help in completing the mission of the College in the field of research , education and community service.
2 - provision of library services and information retrieval and the promise of the office of vocational guidance and help of the pioneers of the library to take advantage of the existing groups through secondment .
3 - to organize these groups and the promise of the indexing , classification and indexing and extraction , and other processes that ensure tuning groups.
4 - activation of the digital library system .
Library services available :
To inform the Homeland : - by entering the student to the library and the librarian to help him to get to the needs of books or other sources of knowledge
 * Metaphor
Patron of the two books at one time provided that there is a version of the library book loan and be the metaphor throughout the day as the library opens its doors to students from nine o'clock until five o'clock in the morning .
Prevents the entry of books and notes for students .

Library site :
Building laboratories fourth round .

Date of inception :
Year 1996.
Library components :
Consisting of :
* Metal shelf units (35)
* Cupboard metal (2)
* Units indexes for books (3)
* Units indexes for periodicals (1)
* Tables inform (10)
* Metal chairs lined leather (50)
* Offices for workers (3)
* Hands- metal (1)
* Wagon carrying books Trolley (1)
* Number (5) computer desk .
Work schedules Library :
A - Working Hours morning and evening / 5:9
B - working hours during the summer vacation / official working hours .
The most important achievements of the library :
* Enter the library on the electronic catalog
* Participate and engage in the digital library of the Supreme Council of Universities
* Electronic borrowers enter service in the digital library are not faculty members and their assistants from homes
* Print System Land Code of the books by the digital library system of codes
* Participate in global databases for faculty members and their assistants from within the university and outside
* The introduction of Masters and Dr on digital library system
* Input messages MA and Ph.D. , which is under study
* Inventory mail
* Reports numbers of books
* Reports the names of books for each section Library
* Reports of the names of the books where the author and the publisher and year of publication
* Reports library shelves and subdivisions alphabetically .
Library staff :
Name Email
 Ahmed Rada Ali
 Ramadan  Hamza Hassan
Hamza  Ramadan Hamza
 Iman Salah Osman
Radwa Ail Abdel Basset





The faculty looks forward to provide educational chances on high level, develop creative skills, develop staff members' skills through veterinary services, use all scientific and technological ways in education for its students through active participation with society's institutions and organizations


The faculty looks forward to be distinguished and leader on the local, national and international level in Veterinary Medicine faculty through graduating sufficient veterinarians who are capable of the professional practice ,continuous education and doing researches to serve society and developing environment according to the general quality standards