2202 students applied for Capabilities Tests at the South Valley University





Under the auspices of the university president Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, South Valley University continues holding the capabilities tests, which qualifies for admission to the faculties of Physical Education, the Specific Education Faculty (technical - musical) and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor for students of General Secondary who wish to enrolled in these faculties, it will continue until July 20th.
The university president stressed that the faculties are committed to conduct tests in accordance with the deadlines and according to the alphabet, noting that the tests are going to easily order to the convenience of students and their parents.
Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail pointed out that it was providing more than office to receive capabilities forms at the faculties where tests are conducted, with total of applying for the tests to these faculties until the third day after it starts 2202 students, 1010 students at Faculty of Physical Education, 888 students at Faculty of specific Education and 304 students at Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor. These faculties will continue to conduct tests through Wednesday July 20th.




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