South Valley University organizes day of health education for university staff





 Under the auspices of the university president Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, South Valley University organized a day of "health education" to help in the early detection of diabetes and blood pressure among university staff and raising awareness by its subsequent complications,
This came in the framework of cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine in Qena and one of the pharmaceutical companies in the framework of the national campaign of early detection on the blood pressure and diabetes diseases, as well as to measure the height and weight.
Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohammed Abdel Razek Alsenbsy pointed out that the day of health education being in the framework of the general internal medicine department activities at the Faculty, and it comes in the framework of a comprehensive plan to circulate this day at all faculties of the university in order to spread health education among university staff.




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