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Prof Dr. Mohammed Kamel



The study in plant Department began in 1973 with the establishment of Assiut University branch in Qena campus, faculty of engineering today. In the early 1980s, the Faculty moved to the location of South Valley University, as the first college working in main new campus. After turning the Assiut University branch in the mid-1990s continued the opening of new colleges for up to 22 College.

Department of botany is located on the second floor of the main building, with the chemistry, geology, zoology and mathematics departments. The department of botany includes many disciplines of higher plants or microorganisms. There are research laboratories for plant physiology and plant ecology, plant taxonomy and cytology.  In the field of Microbiology, there are four laboratories for molecular biology, mycology, phycology and bacteriology. They are eligible for masters and doctoral students. In addition, Plant Department teaching diploma in applied microbiology.

The Department of Botany teaching students from other colleges such as agriculture, pharmacy and others in addition to undergraduate students in the disciplines of Botany, chemistry and botany, chemistry and microbiology.

Plant Department granted bachelor degrees, masters and doctorate degrees in the disciplines of plant and microbiology. In the near future, the section credits system works and there will be more diversified courses.


Prof Mohamed Kamel Ahmed














Botany department

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