Opening of the 17th Arts Forum for Students in South Valley university


Under the supervision of Prof. Abbas Mansour, President of South Valley University, and prof. Mohamed Abou El Fadl Badran, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, the opening ceremony of the 17th arts Forum for young university students attended by the actress Lebleba and the scenarist Seyed Fouad, president of the African Cinema Festival in Luxor and Massaad Fouda, syndicator of Cinematographers. prof. Mohammed Abu El Fadl Badran welcomed the guests of the forum of the stars of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, illustrating the interest of the South Valley University in Arts and Culture through the various activities offered by it and welcomed the university guests from the youth universities participating in the forum. Lebleba expressed her happiness to attend to the University of South Valley, which has great potential and welcomed the extension of the African Cinema Festival in the activities of the University Youth Forum and Sinarist Sayed Fouad confirmed to present a series of films of the African Cinema Festival in Luxor on the open theater screens at the University of Qena on a daily basis during the days of the Forum included events.


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