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Abbas Mansour closes the curtain on the work of the Ramadan tournament the first successful football quintets



Heroism Ramadan initial football quintets organized by the Faculty of Physical Education in Qena concluded in the presence of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohamed Mansour, President of the University and Gentlemen, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abou El Fadl Badran and Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khaddara Malp and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abdel-Sadek Coordinator of student activities University and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nasara, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Qena and Prof. Dr. Ashraf Moussa, Vice Dean for Education and student Affairs, and Mr. Omar Mustafa Abdel nomads M Director of the General Directorate of Youth Welfare Central and Mr. Mahmoud Khaled, Director General of Administrative Affairs at the University of South Valley and University guests Mr. Ahmed advice Social Service Institute in Qena and begin closing the final match which was won by an opponent stubborn central youth represented by the university team quintets football under Captain leadership take care of the team Ayman Youth Care Faculty of Commerce and Captain Ahmed Hassan take care of a central youth and won the second place the Faculty of Archeology and won the third place Faculty of Engineering and the President of the University honored the three centers and each team Cup winner and take a snapshot of a memorial with the team and the cia Te honored gentlemen officials and organizers of the tournament to provide commemorative shields and certificates of appreciation and thanks everyone, headed by the Faculty of Physical Education, Qena, led by His Excellency Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty of what present them from an effort to raise the name of the university in the highest place of central universities in the Arab Republic of Egypt.









































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