The College Board approval to grant some doctors master's degree at the Faculty of Medicine



   The Board of Directors' College (73) to give the doctors the following names master's degree and they are:
1. doctor / Mustafa Mohammed Abdel Fattah (diagnostic radiology department)
2. doctor / Sarah Mahmoud Samy (Department of Pediatrics)
3. doctor / Paula fixed Isa (Internal Medicine Department)
4. doctor / Mohammed Mahmoud Abbas (Department of Urology)
5. doctor / Mahmoud Ahmed Ali Ahmed (genital diseases Department of Medicine masculinity)
6. doctor / Wael Ahmed Haggag (Batinah public section)
7. doctor / Tahir Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed (Department of Clinical Pathology and Chemistry)
8. doctor / Islam Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Department of Ophthalmology)
9. doctor / Khaled Jamal Abdul Hakim _ (Internal Medicine Department)
10.tabab / Asham spokesman Fahmy (Internal Medicine Department)
11.tabab / Suzy Jamal Abdullah (obstetrics and gynecology department)
12. doctor / Ramy Mahmoud Fathi (gastrointestinal medicine device section tropics)
13. doctor / Emad Hamdy Hamed (gastrointestinal medicine device section tropics)
14. doctor / Arab Ahmed Tawfiq (a gastrointestinal medicine department tropics)




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