Goals, Mission and Vision


Strategic goals of the unit 

-First: Establishing an internal system for quality assurance in the faculty.

-Second: Ensuring the sustainability of the faculty’s quality system.

-Third: Obtaining an academic accreditation. 


-Spread and activate quality assurance among faculty members, students, and staff.

-Academic standards and development of educational programs and its Implementation.

-Improvement of the educational process, research and community service.

– The quality of graduates and the requirements of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation.

-Improvement of educational and administrative performance, and of the faculty’s role in community service to achieve educational, academic and institutional quality. 



-The unit aspires to improve the faculty’s performance efficiency to reach the overall quality.

-Communication within the ranks of the faculties, by monitoring the application of quality standards to achieve excellence in performance, outputs and services.