Establishment of the Institute

The Institute has been established based on the Ministerial Decree No. (1380) on 24/6/2009 on the establishment of a nursing technical Institute at the Faculty of Medicine at South Valley University, Qena

- After perusal of Law No. 49 for the year 1972 on the universities organization and its amendments.
* And on the Presidential Decree No. 809 for the year 1997 on the Executive Regulations of the universities organization Law and its amendments.
* And the Ministerial Decree No. 1268 on 28/10/1997 to issue the consolidated bylaw of technical nursing institutes in the Egyptian universities and its amendments.
* And the South Valley University Council in its approval on 30/11/2008.
* And the Supreme Council of the Universities in its approval on 14/5/2009.

The Supreme Council of the Universities in its meeting held on 31/5/2012 decided to approve on the technical institutes of nursing to be belonging to the nursing colleges in the universities.





The Institute

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