Nov 2018



SVU President attended the ceremony of student activities in Qena Faculty of Education






 The Faculty of Education, South Valley University, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour,...more




Governor of Qena and SVU President attended the Performance of the mock trial (Snakes)






 Major General Abdul Hamid Al-Hagan Governor of Qena and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, ....more





Launching tournament of Arab universities at South Valley University in Qena





 South Valley University headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour organized Fourteenth tournament of the Arab quintets football in the period from 24 - 29/11/2018 With  ....more




Lots of football quintets






 Lots of the 14th Arab football tournament was held at the South Valley University from November 24 to 29. The tournament includes 33 teams competing in 8 groups  ....more






The University participated in a workshop at the University of Ain Shams for the implementation colleges





South Valley University participated with a delegation composed of members of the faculty and their assistants in a workshop at the University of  ....more




 Human Medical Campaign in Armant, Luxor.






The Sector of Community Services and Environmental Development organized a human medical Campaign under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour,   ....more





South Valley University won in the Tournament of martyr Rifai





 In the framework of the pre-tournament matches of the Egyptian football league (Martyr Rifai 46) organized by the Egyptian Sports Federation  ....more




SVU President Opened an Artistic exhibition for students at Luxor Cultural Palace





 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of South Valley University opened the artistic exhibition for students of faculties of Luxor University branch.   ....more







The conclusion of the 7th scientific conference of the Faculty of Arts South Valley University






 The 7th Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Arts in Qena (Arabic and Human and Social Studies), organized by the Department of   ....more





SVU President inaugurates the 1st décor Fair in the Faculty of Arts, Luxor.





 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of South Valley University, inaugurated the first décor exhibition at the exhibition of the décor department at the Faculty  ....more





Today a round of committees' re-elections in the faculties of south valley university





 Prof/ Abbas Mansour the president of the south valley university declares that the round of committees' re-elections in the faculties of   ....more






South Valley University wins bronze medal in innovation






 The Technology and Innovation Transfer Office of South Valley University won the third rank and the bronze medal as the third best innovation office all  ....more





7th Scientific Conference of South Valley University





 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of South Valley University, witnessed the opening of the 7th scientific conference of the Faculty  ....more






The 1st Establishing Emergency Hospital





 President of South Valley University inspected the construction of emergency hospital. He confirmed that the emergency ..more




The plan of external missions for the year 2018/2019:





 The Department of Cultural Affairs and Missions announces the applying for the plan of the second year 2018/2019 of the Eighth Five-Year Plan ..more





The 1st Scientific conference of South Valley University





 Qena Faculty of Science held the first conference for the academic year 2018/2019 in which many topics were discussed that ..more




Prevention and treatment of addiction





 The Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University, organized a seminar on "Methods of prevention and treatment of addiction  ...more



Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language.... 8th International Conference of the Arabic Language





 The Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language is pleased to announce the opening of the candidature for the award in its various ..more



A great attendance of the students for the elections of students' union in the university of south valley





  As part of the efforts of the College of Al-Alsun in Luxor to obtain quality and accreditation, the quality team participated in the Faculty of Arts in Qena to attend a series of   ..more




The council of the University of South Valley decides:





  Approval of the protocol of cooperation between the South Valley University and the Land and Water Research Institute - Third International  ..more























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