Library Contents

1.Foreign Books Hall

This hall contains more than 2,600 books, references and a

specialized dictionary in the English language.

2. Arabic Books Hall

This hall includes more than 8200 books, references and encyclopedia specialized in commercial materials in Arabic.

3. Periodicals and Theses Hall.

This hall includes 144 masters and doctoral, 6 Arab and other foreign periodicals, in addition to journals had issued by the faculties of commerce at various Egyptian universities.

4. Textbooks, Modern Books, Various Cultural Books Hall.

It contains textbooks for all-academic classes, books that have brought to the library, which help in developing the students’ cultural and skill abilities.

5. Internet Hall (The Digital Library)

An Internet Hall has added to the college library, which contains advanced computers connected to high-speed Internet to facilitate research for faculty members, students, and researchers through the digital library. The employees in the field of digital libraries have been trained through a lot of courses and workshops to raise their efficiency

6. Scientific Photography Department

it was created and supported with a photocopier to allow high-quality photography for a symbolic fee to facilitate the students, academic staff and postgraduate students.